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Increase Your Marketing Reach with Google Maps Local

Everyone always wants to market their    business. Free internet marketing is one way to tell your local customers about you.  Google Maps Local Listing is a great way to attract customers.  Google is always interested in offering more value for their local search and mapping application, Google Maps.  If you want to take advantage of […]

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Attracting New Customers – 5 Easy Ways to Reach Out to Prospects

Thinking about new ways to reach prospective customers? Here are some suggestions for moving out to connect with your prospects, as well as your established customer base. Easy Way 1. Offer a teleseminar, seminar, or free class on a subject that’s timely.  Today, social media is a hot topic. End of the year is coming […]

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Calls to Action: Easy Ways to Reach Your Customers

Most people today think about a call to action (CTA) as a next step we want a prospect to take toward the purchase of a product or service. The call can be either text or an image. Here are a few examples: This deal is only available this weekend. If you are interested in learning […]

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7 Things to Know About QR Codes for Your Business

Have you seen those funny black and white squares that are now part of business’s marketing strategies? This novel marketing idea comes from Japan – these squares are called QR codes (meaning Quick Response).  They are a registered trademark of Denso Wave, a subsidiary of Toyota (one of the all-time great marketers). QR Codes are […]

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