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If You Are Thankful and You Know It, Send a Holiday Card

It’s that time of year again. It’s time to reach out and touch those business friends and clients who you want to remember at the holidays. Time to send your thanks, and your words to connect with those you want to remember you.  Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years are typical American holidays when businesses send […]

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How to Tell the Story: 4 Ways to Speak to Your Prospects’ Hearts

Once in a while, a great email comes through that stops me in my tracks. Recently, one arrived in my inbox about how selling products and services in a meaningful way can make a huge difference for success when engaging with a prospect. The main idea of this brilliant email is: Neither we, nor our […]

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Resume, Business Bio, or c.v.: Which One Do You Use When?

      One of my new clients asked me this week about having a business bio or a resume on their website.  I thought for a few minutes and said yes, you could have both. It depends upon want to let the world know about you.   What’s a resume about? A resume is […]

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