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Press Releases – Part 2 – More About Press Release Content

In my last blog post Press Releases – Part 1, Press Releases –-Are They Worthwhile to Write and Distribute? (, I wrote a few words about the content you want to include in your press releases. Here’s some additional thoughts on what you need for an on-line press release. (An on-line press release is one […]

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Press Releases – Part 1 – Are They Worthwhile To Write and Distribute?

Press Releases Having Been Around for Over 100 Years. Wikipedia says “The first modern press releases were created by Ivy Lee. Lee’s agency was working with the Pennsylvania Railroad at the time of the 1906 Atlantic City train wreck. Ivy Lee and the company collaborated to issue the first press release directly to journalists, before […]

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6 Tips for Using Twitter for Business

1.     Keep your eye out for conversations about your company. If the comments are positive, send a direct message to the writer, and thank them. If they are not positive, respond quickly, and contact the person directly, either with a tweet, or a personal message. You can head off potentially negative press coverage problems as […]

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4 Ideas to Reinvigorate Your LinkedIn Profile

My marketing mentor, Marcia Yudkin, at www., had a phone meeting this week with our Marketing for More group to discuss how LinkedIn continues to be one of the best places to show your capabilities and market your business.  We had a long discussion about how business owners use LinkedIn effectively. Thank you, Marcia […]

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