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RFP’s – Part 1 – Before Answering One: Ask Yourself these Important Questions

Capturing business by answering an RFP from a potential buyer can be a dream made in heaven, or a potential headache, and a huge drain on your time and resources. You have to decide if it makes the best use of your time and resources to pursue these opportunities. Government agencies, private industry, and non-profits […]

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Getting Ready For Your Blog: 8 Ways to Get Your Creative Juices Flowing and Have a Successful Blog

I was talking to my stepdaughter this week about her blog, who was describing her next blog post, and how she wanted to put it together. It occurred to me that it’s an on-going process that we all mull over, cogitate about, and work through each time we write a post. Talking to my stepdaughter […]

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Write a Mission Statement that Connects with Your Customers

Every company is supposed to have a mission statement.  The problem is that most of us go into a mental tailspin when it’s time to write one for our own company. So, how do we decide what to say? Well, I think you’ve got to ask yourself some tough questions about your business, before you […]

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Powerful Images . . . Telling Your Business Story Using Pictures

Most often, we use our vocabulary to express ideas, thoughts, feelings, and concepts. However, pictures are a way to do all of that without using any words at all.  Great photographers like Margaret Bourke White, Ansel Adams, Annie Liebowitz, and Man Ray have been using their camera lens to tell us about life. They show […]

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Press Releases – Part 3 – How to Distribute and Re-Purpose Them

You’ve written, re-written, and proof-read. You’ve made sure you have a news-worthy angle (see my earlier post on worthy content at:  You have an on-line release that is slightly slanted at a soft-sell, but nothing too obvious. Now, it’s time to breathe a small sigh of happiness, and let a day or two go […]

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