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The Wedding Toast: How to Wish a Couple a Lifetime of Happiness

June is supposed to be the most popular month to get married. In ancient history, Juno was the ancient Roman goddess of marriage. Romans chose to honor Juno by having their wedding in June. Romans considered June to be the most favorable time to marry because the gods brought couples luck and good wishes if […]

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Having Trouble Writing? Use Your Hunches, Along With Ideas from Other People

A client of mine is writing a book, which she says has been brewing in her brain for several years. She is ready to start putting it together now, because she thinks it’s the right time. I found a video on YouTube which explains why it’s so important to let ideas flow through our thoughts […]

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RFP’s – Part 3 – Writing Answers to Your RFP: Have the Treasure Map Point to You

The moment has come to write your RFP answers. I like to think of writing the answers as giving your requestor the map to find their way to the treasures your offer. You’ll be astonished at the questions you have to answer. Many of these questions are put together by a whole team of people. […]

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RFP’s – Part 2 – Once You Say Yes to Answering an RFP: Where do you Begin?

Okay, you’ve taken a deep breath, your executive team has said yes, and you are ready to make this RFP  a “dream made in heaven.” In my last blog post,  I wrote about what to consider before answering. Now it’s time to begin putting the pieces together for a winning proposal. It’s much easier to […]

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