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How to Make Your Business Flourish: Use a Freelance Writer

I had a conversation this week with a graphic designer who asked me what value I thought a freelance writer brings to a client.  This is a great question I’d love to answer.         What’s Is It Like to Work with a Freelance Writer? You’ll have a writer who is your trusted […]

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How to Keep Your Prospects and Customers from Taking Their Business Elsewhere – Deliver What Matters to Them

The other day I put together a questionnaire for a prospect to help them write a blog.  I designed the questionnaire to ensure my prospect was considering their potential customer from their customer’s point of view. I know that sounds a little strange.  Why would we need to do that? Well, here’s what I think […]

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What My Cat Alfie Taught Me about Communication

We lived with our beautiful ginger-colored tabby Alfie for 13 years. We called him “The Dude.” He shared our home, our table, and our surroundings with an air of confidence, a look of serenity, and a voice like no other cat I’ve ever met.  I’d like to describe Alfie to my readers in the hopes […]

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