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Advertise Yourself – Part 1: Use Social Media and a Pronged Fork Approach

I was writing up a class outline this week on how to tie content together in a simple fashion, and thought, “This is a great topic for a blog post.”  There are some easy ways to connect the dots when you want to advertise on the Web. Consider using a simple household object to visualize […]

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Microsoft Word vs. Google Docs: Can You Use Both?

I have been using Google Docs for about 10 days. I have been using for Microsoft Word for about 20 years. Word has been around since 1989 under the Windows operating system. Google Docs arrived on the Internet in 2007.  One isn’t better than the other. I like them both, and think they are a […]

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Proposals: Add-on Items to Make Yours Extraordinary

As business owners, we often have to write business proposals to our prospective clients. Some are short, and some are long, and some are complicated, and some can be a simple email that sums up your offerings. In all cases, your goal is to show your client how you can provide value, and make their […]

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