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How to Get Rave Testimonials to Bring Great Publicity Your Way

We need all the free publicity we can get.  One way to spice up your website, news release, brochure, and even a business plan is to get powerful testimonials that show you off, and demonstrate  your prowess, your product’s solution, or how your service boosted someone else’s business. Most prospects are interested in whether or […]

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Advertise Yourself – Part 3: Use Cold Calling, Email, and Your Website to Set Up Meetings with Prospects

This week, I’d like to offer some other suggestions for combining communication tools to reach out to prospects.  Quite often, I receive emails from people I don’t know or have not heard before their initial contact.  Other times, I get cold calls from companies who want to discuss their services with me, even though I […]

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Advertise Yourself – Part 2: Use Your Newsletter and Landing Pages to Convert Browsers to Buyers

Last week, I wrote an article about advertising yourself, using social media.  This week, I want to continue the discussion, by sharing another advertising method: combining newsletters with landing pages. During the week, a colleague of mine, Jason Katzwinkel, the CEEO of 13 Guys Named Ed, (Don’t you love their name?) a web design services […]

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