Business Writer, Content Developer and Consultant Lesley Peters

Business Writer, Content Developer and Consultant Lesley Peters

I’m the founder of Qualified Communication Services, in Tampa, Florida. I love sharing helpful information with people to make their job easier.

I started out when I was 11 answering questions on the radio show “Quiz down” in Chicago. I’ve always enjoyed helping people learn and understand about words, writing, and communication. I worked in the corporate world in Chicago, Illinois, and in Tampa, for over 20 years, doing technology and writing about it from the “corporate side of the world”. My experience in the corporate world included business management, computer systems development, and technical writing and training.

I found people loved knowing easier ways to communicate what their business is about to help grow their company. In 2005, I started my business, marketing, and technical writing company, to serve small and medium sized businesses. My clients range from manufacturers, to consultants, to doctors, to web designers, as well as technology companies.

I’ve written web content, case studies, white papers, press releases, product descriptions, business biographies, articles, manuals, and answered RFP’s for clients. I’ve also written brochures, re-written resumes, and done competitive intelligence for clients.

The goal of this blog is to share ideas with my readers and provide tips, and better ways to write about your business.

The ongoing plan for the blog is to offer writing ideas for you to get real results.

The end result, hopefully, is a place to share ideas, get feedback, and have a good time learning together!

Contact me at (813) 964-9085 with any questions or things you want to know about better writing to grow your business. Email me at lesleypeters@qcommservices.com.

Looking forward to connecting with you!