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How to Get Rave Testimonials to Bring Great Publicity Your Way

We need all the free publicity we can get.  One way to spice up your website, news release, brochure, and even a business plan is to get powerful testimonials that show you off, and demonstrate  your prowess, your product’s solution, or how your service boosted someone else’s business. Most prospects are interested in whether or […]

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Advertise Yourself – Part 3: Use Cold Calling, Email, and Your Website to Set Up Meetings with Prospects

This week, I’d like to offer some other suggestions for combining communication tools to reach out to prospects.  Quite often, I receive emails from people I don’t know or have not heard before their initial contact.  Other times, I get cold calls from companies who want to discuss their services with me, even though I […]

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Add To Your Marketing Edge: Tell Prospects about the Value of Doing Business with You

Last week, I wrote a blog post about what it is like to work with a freelance writer for readers to get a glimpse of what it would be like to work with me, and what the benefits I would bring to clients. This week I’d like to go further with this idea, and talk […]

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Two Ways to Get Your Readers to Sit Up and Take Notice: Use Headlines and Subheadings

Websites, newsletters, landing pages, blog posts Facebook, articles, brochures, newsletters  and case studies all need to offer valuable information, show how to solve a problem, or give advice on how to become an instant success. What’s the fastest way to get noticed in any of these content offerings?  Try having headlines for your content that […]

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Powerful Images . . . Telling Your Business Story Using Pictures

Most often, we use our vocabulary to express ideas, thoughts, feelings, and concepts. However, pictures are a way to do all of that without using any words at all.  Great photographers like Margaret Bourke White, Ansel Adams, Annie Liebowitz, and Man Ray have been using their camera lens to tell us about life. They show […]

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Planning Your Brochure: A Checklist to Make Content Writing Easy!

Brochures are often a capabilities overview that describes an owner’s expertise and service offerings.  Your message needs to be organized, immediately clear, and divided into distinctive chunks.  Its purpose is to make your readers care about your services, and want to learn more about you.  It explains what you do, why someone should hire you, […]

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