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How to Get Rave Testimonials to Bring Great Publicity Your Way

We need all the free publicity we can get.  One way to spice up your website, news release, brochure, and even a business plan is to get powerful testimonials that show you off, and demonstrate  your prowess, your product’s solution, or how your service boosted someone else’s business. Most prospects are interested in whether or […]

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Press Releases – Part 3 – How to Distribute and Re-Purpose Them

You’ve written, re-written, and proof-read. You’ve made sure you have a news-worthy angle (see my earlier post on worthy content at:  You have an on-line release that is slightly slanted at a soft-sell, but nothing too obvious. Now, it’s time to breathe a small sigh of happiness, and let a day or two go […]

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Press Releases – Part 2 – More About Press Release Content

In my last blog post Press Releases – Part 1, Press Releases –-Are They Worthwhile to Write and Distribute? (, I wrote a few words about the content you want to include in your press releases. Here’s some additional thoughts on what you need for an on-line press release. (An on-line press release is one […]

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Press Releases – Part 1 – Are They Worthwhile To Write and Distribute?

Press Releases Having Been Around for Over 100 Years. Wikipedia says “The first modern press releases were created by Ivy Lee. Lee’s agency was working with the Pennsylvania Railroad at the time of the 1906 Atlantic City train wreck. Ivy Lee and the company collaborated to issue the first press release directly to journalists, before […]

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