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Add To Your Marketing Edge: Tell Prospects about the Value of Doing Business with You

Last week, I wrote a blog post about what it is like to work with a freelance writer for readers to get a glimpse of what it would be like to work with me, and what the benefits I would bring to clients. This week I’d like to go further with this idea, and talk […]

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How to Make Your Business Flourish: Use a Freelance Writer

I had a conversation this week with a graphic designer who asked me what value I thought a freelance writer brings to a client.  This is a great question I’d love to answer.         What’s Is It Like to Work with a Freelance Writer? You’ll have a writer who is your trusted […]

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The Wedding Toast: How to Wish a Couple a Lifetime of Happiness

June is supposed to be the most popular month to get married. In ancient history, Juno was the ancient Roman goddess of marriage. Romans chose to honor Juno by having their wedding in June. Romans considered June to be the most favorable time to marry because the gods brought couples luck and good wishes if […]

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Having Trouble Writing? Use Your Hunches, Along With Ideas from Other People

A client of mine is writing a book, which she says has been brewing in her brain for several years. She is ready to start putting it together now, because she thinks it’s the right time. I found a video on YouTube which explains why it’s so important to let ideas flow through our thoughts […]

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Writing a Case Study – Part 4 – Tips on Writing to Make Your Case Study Stand Out

Now that  you have put together the pieces on writing your case study, you’re at that wonderful moment when it’s time to put down your words, and show the world how you helped your client solve a problem that made them happy. Here’s the framework for putting fingers to keyboard, and telling your story. Case […]

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Writing A Case Study – Part 3 – Zeroing In on the Details

As James Carville says, “Anytime you get a chance, tell a story.” (Quote from Copywriting That Sells High Tech by Janice M. King). image: courtesy of   Once you decide on your client, it’s now time to get into your specifics. You have your success story highlights, and overview details. You are ready to […]

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Writing A Case Study – Part 2 – Helping Your Client Help You

Once your plan for your case study has taken shape, it’s time to meet that “oh so special client” who is going to put you in the best light, show off how you helped them with your amazing solution, and is willing and able to let you publicly talk about them to the world. Image: […]

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Writing A Case Study – Part 1 – Planning for Success

    Dawn Westerberg is one of my favorite bloggers.  She always has interesting, innovative ideas about marketing for your business.  Recently, I was reviewing her blog (, and noticed that she had several posts on one topic.  I plan to have a series on case studies.  See Dawn’s posts on B2B Marketing Content for some […]

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