Client Stories

Some people ask me what kind of clients I have and how we work together to solve their problems.

Here are some of my favorite stories . . .


Client: I am nominated for a community award, and need to tell them about myself and why I want to win this award.

The QCS solution: I provided my client with a story that highlighted his companies successes, their adversities, their incredible teamwork, and how they overcame their adversities.  I also told stories about their community involvement, and philosophy about improving lives around them.

Client: I want to write a success story about how I am helping my customers. What do we need to do?

The QCS solution: I wrote a case study, highlighting a problem my client solved for his customers.  The study explains the solution, the benefits for his client, as well as for prospects. The study is on their website, and will be used as a handout for sales staff.

Client: I want to start a new business, and need a business plan.  Where do I begin?

QCS Solution: I worked with this client to create both a business plan outline, and the plan to meet his business needs.  I helped him understand his market, how to use competitive intelligence to explain his unique selling proposition, and how to follow through on his plan.

Client: I want to give speeches about my services in order to grow my company. Can you write a biography for me?

The QCS solution: I wrote a business biography that highlighted my client’s accomplishments in his career. I explained about the wonderful accomplishments, accolades, and types of work he had done in the past, and how he is helping his clients today.

Client: I need a new website, and don’t know beans about creating social media for my new business. Can you help me put these together?

The QCS solution: I created a content plan for their website, Twitter, Facebook, and a blog. Each one had a connection to the website so that all of them were fit together as a whole package. Their business grew by 300%.

Client: I need an in-depth product description that I can use in many different ways to market my new product.

QCS Solution: I wrote a lengthy product description that was used for web content, brochures, articles, and reports.

Client: I have young salespeople who have never done cold calling. I need a script.

The QCS solution: I created a telemarketing script, outlining the type of people they were likely to encounter on the phone, and laid out the right words for answering questions and getting prospects to meet with them.

Client:  I want to promote my technology business.  Can you help me write press releases?

QCS Solution: I wrote a series of press releases for my client, and sent them to media resources in our city.  He has also published them on his blog.  The releases have been instrumental in his developing a partnership with a major software vendor.

Client: I am a technology company with a new product. I need a user manual for my customers.

The QCS Solution: I created a user manual with pictures, directions, and steps to get up to speed quickly on how to use the software product, and reduce technical support inquiries.

Client: I want to write articles to submit to publications, and article websites. I need an editor who will make my content shine.

QCS Solution: I helped this client improve his writing, make his articles flow, and offer ideas to readers that help them run their businesses more efficiently. He has received new business because he demonstrated his expertise.

Client: I need web content for my client. I am a web designer, and I want you to help me make my designs and logo stand out for my customer.

QCS Solution: I worked with my client, the web designer, to bring his design ideas to life by writing content that made his client’s products easy to understand, and draw readers to his website.

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