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Your Newsletter: 13 Tips to Revitalize, Revamp, and Renew It

  While a newsletter may not seem as exciting as all the good press about social media, it still has a great place in your marketing strategies. As a matter of fact, it is a terrific boon when used with social media campaigns to keep your readers on top of your news. Benefits: Reaching Out, […]

What My Cat Alfie Taught Me about Communication

We lived with our beautiful ginger-colored tabby Alfie for 13 years. We called him “The Dude.” He shared our home, our table, and our surroundings with an air of confidence, a look of serenity, and a voice like no other cat I’ve ever met.  I’d like to describe Alfie to my readers in the hopes […]

Having Trouble Writing? Use Your Hunches, Along With Ideas from Other People

A client of mine is writing a book, which she says has been brewing in her brain for several years. She is ready to start putting it together now, because she thinks it’s the right time. I found a video on YouTube which explains why it’s so important to let ideas flow through our thoughts […]

Powerful Images . . . Telling Your Business Story Using Pictures

Most often, we use our vocabulary to express ideas, thoughts, feelings, and concepts. However, pictures are a way to do all of that without using any words at all.  Great photographers like Margaret Bourke White, Ansel Adams, Annie Liebowitz, and Man Ray have been using their camera lens to tell us about life. They show […]

Blog Content Ideas – How Do You Come Up With Them?

Everyone I know struggles with finding interesting content for their blogs, especially if they write frequently.  I try to write once a week, and sometimes get stumped for ideas.  I’ve been thinking about where to go trolling regularly so that I could create a plan for myself. Here’s what I decided to try for 2012. […]

If You Are Thankful and You Know It, Send a Holiday Card

It’s that time of year again. It’s time to reach out and touch those business friends and clients who you want to remember at the holidays. Time to send your thanks, and your words to connect with those you want to remember you.  Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years are typical American holidays when businesses send […]

5 Suggestions on How to Write a Helpful Endorsement or Recommendation on LinkedIn

Endorsements and recommendations needs to shine a light on the talents of the person you are writing about that build up the person. It’s helpful to consider your relationship, and try to explain in a few words how you know this person and what your relationship was or is, and why you think she or he is a valuable business resource.