How to Get Rave Testimonials to Bring Great Publicity Your Way

We need all the free publicity we can get.  One way to spice up your website, news release, brochure, and even a business plan is to get powerful testimonials that show you off, and demonstrate  your prowess, your product’s solution, or how your service boosted someone else’s business.

Most prospects are interested in whether or not you can solve their problems with your offerings.  They want to know if you can be trusted, if you are authentic, and if you will help them achieve what they want to accomplish.  There’s nothing better than a testimonial that shines a light on you, adds to your reputation, and brings kudos to your door.

The main problem is getting people to write them. Most of us are just way too zany busy these days.  Yet, we still are looking for acclaim from our satisfied clients.  Here’s some tips to getting people to get them ready to give you a glowing tribute. First off, you have to know what you want in a testimonial before you can ask your client to write one for you. Here are some basics you’ll need from them:

  • Ask them if you can use their full name, company, and title. It’s always best to be able to refer to a real person, with a title, and a company name.  As a second best, ask if you can use their title, and type of company they have.  For example, you could use: CEO, Major Transportation Company.
  • Be sure to request a short testimonial.  You want to have 3-6 sentences maximum so that you can use it on your website, your brochure, and any other place it will be a good fit.
  • Clarify with your client before she/he writes it you want the testimonial to be specific about how you helped them, and what goals you helped them accomplish by bringing benefits to their doorstep. Any statistics must be backed up with fact. They must reflect the good you do for somebody in clear, succinct terms.
  • Have the writer make the words enthusiastic, and praiseworthy, while endorsing your professionalism, and capabilities.

Getting Clients to Write Favorable Comments about You

Now, let’s look at some solid ways to get busy, overworked clients to take the time to write these golden words of praise for you.

  • Ask you customers what the results were from working with you.  Once they tell you the major benefits you brought to them, ask them if they would be willing to be quoted on what they tell you.
  • Believe it or not, you may want to write the words for your clients. I have had a few clients tell me they are terrible at writing, and could I please do a draft for them!  And, why not? You are the best judge of how you helped them, and what you accomplished.  Don’t hesitate to write it yourself, submit it to them, and ask for their approval.
  • Marcia Yudkin, in her excellent book, 6 Steps to Free Publicity, suggests providing clients postage-paid postcards to mail back to you with their comments.
  • Write an email to a client, asking them to send a short blurb about the work you did and the results they achieved with your assistance. Send these emails to clients and customers who are happy with your product or service. Ask them for their feedback, and how you helped them reach their goals.
  • Instead of emailing, call a client directly. Explain that you want to ask a few questions about your work, requesting they tell you the key benefits you were able to bring to them. You can even tell them you want to know what you did for them they liked the best in order to offer that service to more prospects.  Don’t worry about being shy; most people are happy to tell you what you did to make their business successful.
  • When you are working with a client on their project, ask them if they would be willing to give you a testimonial once the work is completed, and if they feel they got positive results.  You are setting up the testimonial for the future, and ensuring they know you would like to have this when you are finished.
  • If you have conversations with clients, and they mention to you how happy they are, ask them if you can use their comments as a direct quote.  Be sure you show the comments to them before adding to your website, your brochure, or your press release.
  • LinkedIn is a great resource for testimonials. I often ask clients to use LinkedIn to write a recommendation for me. You get the best of both worlds – a real two-for-one benefit. Once the recommendation is out on LinkedIn, you can copy all or part of it (some recommendations tend to be too long for a testimonial), and use it on other media to show the world “your stuff.”  
  • Dylis Guyan, a sales consultant suggests you write a thank you letter to your clients, thanking them for their business. At the end of the note, she suggests you state in your note “you would be very grateful if they would be generous enough to give you a testimonial by emailing it to you, faxing it to you, or simply calling you on the phone.”  

Obtaining Consent to Use Their Testimonial

It’s key that you make sure your client is in agreement with you publishing their testimonial. You want to get written permission from them before you go ahead to make this news available to your “world.”

Once you have agreement from them, don’t hesitate to sprinkle your website, your brochures, your proposals, and your press releases with the endorsements you’ve gleaned!  Your free publicity is sure to bring your more clients!

What is the best way you have found to get spectacular testimonials?



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