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Make a Video to Tout Your Business: 4 Takeaways about the Why and How

I have two new business colleagues, Yvonne and Hank Charneskey who are videographers.  Their company is Von Henry Media, and they help people make videos. We had a lengthy chat about making them, and the value they bring to companies of all sizes, both for profit and non-profit. I came away incredibly impressed with what […]

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Blogs – Part II. How to Bring New Life to Your Blog: 4 Tips to Win New Readers, and Expand Your Target Market

My brain often reminds me that it’s important to remember your blog’s main purpose is to introduce your prospects to you and let them get to know you. For those of us who have been blogging for a while, time shows that we get sidetracked when it’s time to write posts. It seems to happen […]

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Blogs – Part I. Looking For Free Publicity? Write A Guest Blog Post

You want publicity to enhance your brand, spread the word about your business, and get yourself known. Most of us are cost conscious, and trying to think of every which way we can advertise our business without spending a lot of money, having too much stress, and expanding our marketing strategy. How about a guest […]

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Getting Ready For Your Blog: 8 Ways to Get Your Creative Juices Flowing and Have a Successful Blog

I was talking to my stepdaughter this week about her blog, who was describing her next blog post, and how she wanted to put it together. It occurred to me that it’s an on-going process that we all mull over, cogitate about, and work through each time we write a post. Talking to my stepdaughter […]

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