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Blogs – Part II. How to Bring New Life to Your Blog: 4 Tips to Win New Readers, and Expand Your Target Market

My brain often reminds me that it’s important to remember your blog’s main purpose is to introduce your prospects to you and let them get to know you. For those of us who have been blogging for a while, time shows that we get sidetracked when it’s time to write posts. It seems to happen […]

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Having Trouble Writing? Use Your Hunches, Along With Ideas from Other People

A client of mine is writing a book, which she says has been brewing in her brain for several years. She is ready to start putting it together now, because she thinks it’s the right time. I found a video on YouTube which explains why it’s so important to let ideas flow through our thoughts […]

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Powerful Images . . . Telling Your Business Story Using Pictures

Most often, we use our vocabulary to express ideas, thoughts, feelings, and concepts. However, pictures are a way to do all of that without using any words at all.  Great photographers like Margaret Bourke White, Ansel Adams, Annie Liebowitz, and Man Ray have been using their camera lens to tell us about life. They show […]

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If You Are Thankful and You Know It, Send a Holiday Card

It’s that time of year again. It’s time to reach out and touch those business friends and clients who you want to remember at the holidays. Time to send your thanks, and your words to connect with those you want to remember you.  Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years are typical American holidays when businesses send […]

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How to Tell the Story: 4 Ways to Speak to Your Prospects’ Hearts

Once in a while, a great email comes through that stops me in my tracks. Recently, one arrived in my inbox about how selling products and services in a meaningful way can make a huge difference for success when engaging with a prospect. The main idea of this brilliant email is: Neither we, nor our […]

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