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Blogs – Part II. How to Bring New Life to Your Blog: 4 Tips to Win New Readers, and Expand Your Target Market

My brain often reminds me that it’s important to remember your blog’s main purpose is to introduce your prospects to you and let them get to know you. For those of us who have been blogging for a while, time shows that we get sidetracked when it’s time to write posts. It seems to happen […]

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Blogs – Part I. Looking For Free Publicity? Write A Guest Blog Post

You want publicity to enhance your brand, spread the word about your business, and get yourself known. Most of us are cost conscious, and trying to think of every which way we can advertise our business without spending a lot of money, having too much stress, and expanding our marketing strategy. How about a guest […]

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Advertise Yourself – Part 1: Use Social Media and a Pronged Fork Approach

I was writing up a class outline this week on how to tie content together in a simple fashion, and thought, “This is a great topic for a blog post.”  There are some easy ways to connect the dots when you want to advertise on the Web. Consider using a simple household object to visualize […]

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Writing Content for Mobile Website Viewing: Use Twitter as Your Guide

One of my favorite clients, Dobler Consulting  recently changed their website to a multi-device Internet presence. Their website looks terrific. While looking at the website redesign, I wanted to learn more about content for mobile phones, and tablets, and some best practices for them. Why Mobile Content Matters Google says “By 2013, more people will […]

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Facebook Landing Pages: What You Want to Know for Your Business

I’m still fascinated with landing pages and what how businesses are using Facebook to market their business to their prospects and customers. Last week, I wrote about “Landing pages or web pages: When do you use each one?”. I also included a short overview on Facebook landing pages. What Facebook Comments Are Revealing Here’s what […]

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Pinterest: A New Way to Add Brand Power

What do Time magazine (on-line), Land’s  End, Bergdorf Goodman, San Francisco Museum of Art, and General Electric have in common?  They’re all using Pinterest images (pins) and videos to like, share, or comment on images on their website.  Any of your images can have a link associated with it. Your videos can be pinned with […]

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Attracting New Customers – 5 Easy Ways to Reach Out to Prospects

Thinking about new ways to reach prospective customers? Here are some suggestions for moving out to connect with your prospects, as well as your established customer base. Easy Way 1. Offer a teleseminar, seminar, or free class on a subject that’s timely.  Today, social media is a hot topic. End of the year is coming […]

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